What is February the 17th?

February 17th is the 48th day of the year in the 7th week. It’s a party … err … a state of mind … a way of life, more than a state of mind … it’s a celebration.
The date was chosen arbitrarily, i.e. based on random choice or personal whim, without any reason or system. Perhaps there was one, but it would have been a complicated one, indeed.
This happening aims to bring all our friends and friends of friends and friends of friends of friends and friends of friends of friends of friends of a friend around a single event without religious, political or commercial origin or purpose.

How does it work?

For all those heroes who are drawn to it, here’s how to have a golden February 17: [pointing finger to the camera]
Firstly, there is the mighty theme or “topic”. You can take up the one that we suggest each year – but really there’s no obligation (more info below).
Then obviously this must take place on February the 17th (this is self-evident).
And finally, you just have to call lots and lots of people and start the party!
In the middle of your evening, surrounded by all your buddies, just take the time to realize that at this particular second, a thousand – or million – people are dancing united in the same spirit (and probably wearing the same bunny outfit with emerald flashy accessory … it’s just an example, eh!).
The only rule: she/he who participates in a celebration of February 17th is committed to celebrate the next and the next … until the end of time (NB: no need to mingle your blood with others to sign this pact, though).

What is the origin of February the 17th ? What is it for ?

The choice of February the seventeenth is lost in the briars of history but it seems that this date was chosen by the founding fathers to break the monotony and encourage us – we poor mortals – to find a cure to boredom. Thus was born February 17th.
The plan in the long run is to have an official public holiday on February 17th. The first one without religious, political or commercial connotation. … Or did I already say that?

Am I invited, … really, me … are you serious?

Yes! Our goal is to have the whole world celebrating on February 17th.
Organize your own February 17th with a maximum of people and do promise to each participant to celebrate February 17th next year, and the next, and the next … until the end of time.
February 17th, a CopyLeft party?

And the topic?

February seventeenth’s topic changes every year. The people who have run this website for several years and who devote their lives to February 17th, choose a mighty topic (announced here on this very website and otherwise telepathically transmitted, around February 10th). But everyone does as she/he wants. If you find a topic more to your taste, go for it!

Wait… I still don’t get it…

Ask your question directly to the gentle missionaries who run this site. They are happy to spread the good word.